Use Free WhatsApp Marketing Software And Grow Your Small Business



Free Digital Marketing Software :


In present date WhatsApp is the very popular application for messages. Maximum people are using WhatsApp all over world. So, WhatsApp marketing is the best way to grow any small business. If you started any online business & want to promote your business free of cost by sending WhatsApp bulk messages then you can follow this method.


Primary Requirement : 


   1. WhatsApp Bulk message sending tool (Software)


   2. Bulk WhatsApp Numbers


WhatsApp Bulk Message Sending Tool (Software) :


In market available maximum digital marketing tools is paid version. But this software is free version. If you newly started your business then this free software is enough for you. This software market name is WASender. It's not only for India you can use for all over world.




WA Sender Free Features :


  1. Except India this software you can use for another 300+ Country.

  2. Without saving number you can send multiple messages.

  3. If you have number list on CSV format then you can upload all number from CSV file.

  4. You can write messages as per your requirement.

  5. You can add emoji with messages.

  6. When software will run then you can see the 'Sent' & 'Failed' report.

  7. After upload number if any invalid number available then you will see red color alert & you can downloal all valid & invalid number list.


WASender software available as a chrome extention. For download you can follow this link:- Click Here   


Bulk WhatsApp Numbers Collection :


In google if you search "WhatsApp Group" then you will get lot of website where different different WhatsApp group available. As per your requirement you can join the groups & can collect bulk number. After collection number you can prepare number list as a CSV file. It will help to send the bulk messages more times.


For the WhatsApp groups you can refer this website: Click Here


This is the over all process. By using this method you can start your digital marketing jeourney with free of cost


        Don't send bulk WhatsApp with a number that's new on WhatsApp. If you are using a new number, wait a few days before using it for bulk WhatsApp.


      Always try to avoid your permanet WhatsApp Number. 





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