Signs That Say You Need To See You Dentist




Despite being so much unfavorable for most of the people to see the dentist regularly, It is so much important to see your dentist to take care of your teeth. Here is some conditions that say you need to see your dentist


1-Pain :



Tooth ache is one of the most painful and annoying feeling one could experience.

There are many types of pain you might experience like :

Pain with cold drink or hot drinks , and every one of them is an indicator of a condition in your teeth that you should seek your dentist to treat .

Pain that comes when you bite on your teeth , mostly it is due to inflammation around your teeth .

Pain than awakes you at night , 90% you have a tooth that needs root canal treatment .


 2-Teeth Discoloration :


If you noticed any discoloration in your teeth you should visit your dentist to determine whether it is stains , calculus , caries , … ETC .


3-Any Swelling In Your Mouth :


If you noticed any mass or swelling in your mouth you should immediately seek dentist .

To determine you should explore under your tongue ,both upper and lower gums and the roof of your mouth (palate ).


 4-Bad Smell Of The Mouth :


It is very embarrassing if people around you noticed that your breathing smell is awful .The bad smell might be caused by many problems related to your gums , Always ask your dentist to give you the best treatment.


 5-Regular Check-ups :


You should regularly check up your teeth every 3 to 6 months to avoid teeth problems. Knowing that the earlier you treat the problem , the easier and cheaper the treatment will be .




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