Happy new year to all my fans and readers. Allow me to start this year on this subject.

My heart does feel for women to be honest. I find that they end up the ultimate Carriers of the burdens when Men are irresponsible. Man's dysfunction becomes a woman's burden, one way or another. My article on " The priority of Manhood" will explain why I think this way. ( Check my timeline)

This is new year, and we are all excited about it, because it feels like we have a blank page to start a fresh. However, I have observed with a heavy heart how most women confuse between a desire and a goal.


Most ladies are hopeful that this is the year of their establishment in marriage. Whatever the theme of the year for them; whether it's "The Year of Establishment, The year of Entering Rest", The Year of Accelerated Speed" ,The year of Restoration" they always decode it in terms of settling down in marriage. It's very important for women to know that a strong desire and expectation to get married this year is not a goal but a desire.

There's a danger prevalent in the body of Christ each year when women do not understand this concept. What's the danger? Lack of growth.

Most ladies don't talk about it alot but there's a deep underlying frustration of having trusted God for years for a husband without fruits.

Usually, the other side of this frustration, is that while waiting for Mr. Right to show up, the lady didn't invest in herself, so she's not experienced any growth. No new skill developed. No advanced education, No income or same income.

This is the real problem. Lack of growth because you are trusting God for something. Women especially in the body of Christ are victims of this scenario. They'll spend alot of time praying for a husband and forget to invest in themselves. ( Please get me in context, am not against prayer) am against this ideology that marriage is the ultimate Destiny for a woman.

Believing God for a husband is not a goal. Don't allow your waiting on God for marriage be a hindrance to your growth.

What's your goal this year? What's your financial goal? Do you have a plan to increase or multiply your streams of income?

What's your career goal? Do you have a plan to invest in career development, increase your skills, master your area of expertise? Is it professional certification, CPA?

What's your education goals? Do you have a plan to advance your education? Go for that diploma, go for that certificate, go for that degree or Masters?

You see, there can never be any real growth for you as long as your desire is dependent on someone else.

The unfortunate result of this ideology is that by the end of the year, to find that you are not married, Because Mr. Right didn't show up and you have not experienced any real growth because your entire year plan was dependant on Mr. Right. Please ladies hear me out.

On the other hand, you might as well, set goal, invest in yourself and when Mr. Right shows up, he finds you more valuable in your ability to make Contributions to the union than you were last year. Don't wait for someone to come to do something to you, do something for yourself as you wait on God.

Sad but true, most women's lives depend on what men are doing or not doing. The average woman's goal in life is to get married. This needs to be changed, especially in the context of church.

So.... What's your goal in 2021 KIngdom woman?

NB: most men are usually concerned about what the woman is bringing on the table too.


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